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Will California’s Proposed Acrylamide Warning Amendment Under Proposition 65 Pass Legal Muster (Arent Fox LLP)

Public Technologies 30 Apr 2024
) Off Acrylamide Litigation ... They requested that the State and private enforcers be enjoined from requiring Proposition 65 warnings on foods containing acrylamide.

Do We Need To Worry About Acrylamide In Our Food Causing Cancer?

IFL Science 20 Apr 2024
Every so often, a molecule called acrylamide works its way back into the public sphere of attention, usually with warnings in tow about its presence in food and the apparent dangers it poses to our health.

New health warning issued about the dangers of water bead toys

NBC Bay Area 21 Mar 2024
Acrylamide is a known carcinogen,” the CPSC said in a release. “The large water beads in CPSC’s warnings contain levels of acrylamide in violation of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.”  ... The beads Kipley ingested contained acrylamide.

‘Everybody gone continue to walk RIGHT past it’: In-N-Out customer shows ‘warning sign’ allegedly hidden ...

The Daily Dot 07 Nov 2023
The sign warns of chemicals like acrylamide in fried or baked goods and mercury in fish, known in California to cause cancer or reproductive harm ... #warning #Acrylamide ♬ original sound - Primal Dad.

‘Have you ever seen the WARNING SIGN at McDonald’s?’: McDonald’s customer shows ‘warning sign’ plastered ...

The Daily Dot 26 Oct 2023
A McDonald's customer noted a "warning sign" outside the restaurant that he says is "like a warning label for cigarettes, but for food." ... In it, he asked his viewers, "You know when you walk into a McDonald's, there's a warning?" ... WARNING.

‘Welcome to America’: Walmart customer’s bagels mold 2 days before expiry date. She finds cancer ...

The Daily Dot 08 Aug 2023
The statement said the bagels can expose consumers to the chemical acrylamide, which is "known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm." ... Acrylamide is a ...

Shocking! French fries cause mental health problems, know the reason behind it

DNA India 06 May 2023
The US Food and Drug Administration warns that although high acrylamide levels have been shown to cause cancer in animals, the risk to people is "not clear exactly." ... In addition, acrylamide ...

Why eating french fries could ruin your life

New York Post 27 Apr 2023
The scientists noted that long-term exposure to acrylamide caused adult zebrafish to “show anxiety and depressive-like behaviors.” The US Food and Drug Administration warns that high ...

From onions in the CUPBOARD to cucumbers on the side: Where scientists say you should ...

The Daily Mail 27 Feb 2023
Scientists previously warned that keeping raw potatoes in the fridge could be a cancer risk ... Scientists thought these may turn into cancer-causing acrylamide when the spuds were fried, roasted or baked.

Cancer chemical in wheat is toast after gene editing

The Times/The Sunday Times 13 Feb 2023
Scientists have warned that acrylamide could cause cancer in humans too, and the Food Standards Agency recommends curbing.

Bounty hunting: Foes of guns and abortion resurrect an old idea

Times Standard 09 Aug 2022
The state of California allows financial rewards for people who sue to enforce its Proposition 65 toxics warning law ... 65 warning on acrylamide, a chemical created by cooking food, and one which the state couldn’t say definitively caused cancer.

Free speech and trivial lawsuits

The Press Enterprise 08 May 2022
65 warnings just a bit ... 65 warning for acrylamide might be a welcome step in reducing false or unproven claims that confuse consumers and cause adverse market effects ... 65 warning on coffee, again because of the presence of acrylamide.

Environmental Law Attorneys At Manning Law, APC Secure Settlement To Prevent Exposure To Lead And ...

Victoria Advocate 15 Apr 2022
Reformulation to reduce Lead and Acrylamide in product or clear and reasonable warnings if the reformulation standard is not met.

Ninth Circuit Blocks New Acrylamide Warning Lawsuits Under Proposition 65 (Arent Fox LLP)

Public Technologies 30 Mar 2022
The District Court's decision on the merits of the case could lead to a permanent injunction eliminating the need for acrylamide warnings for food products, at least as applied to acrylamide as a carcinogen.

Environmental Law Attorneys Secure Settlement to Prevent Exposure to Chemicals Alleged to Cause Cancer or ...

Longview News-Journal 13 Jan 2022
�Through its required warnings, Proposition 65 alerts ... Acrylamide ... Reformulation to reduce Lead and Acrylamide in product or clear. and�reasonable warnings if the reformulation standard is not met.

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